The Broomers Cleaning Service is dedicated to serving you with the best quality cleaning by demonstrating a service that is licensed, professional and reliable. Assigning cleaning person(s) who are meticulous, dedicated, reliable and professional. Using quality sanitized equipment and supplies for best results, including but not limited to brooms, mops, dusters, cleaning liquids etc. The Broomers Cleaning Service incorporates a unique concept to quality fridge cleaning as per request of the client is practiced in an attempt to change an outlook in the home with the hopes to adhere to a new and fresh refrigeration environment that can encourage a happier home vibe. For best provided quality service, we advise that you ( the client ) provide The Broomers Cleaning Service with a key or have a person at your home at the agreed upon scheduled time for easy access. ( see lock out policy below) A lockout fee of $50 will be charged to you if we are unable to gain access at the agreed upon scheduled time. Please ensure that all alarm systems are turned off at the time of entrance, we will not be held accountable for false and/or misused alarm systems.


Parking- At arrival of service, The Broomers Cleaning Service employees will make every attempt to occupy a free parking space that is available. If employees are unable to access a free parking spot, clients will be billed the parking fee for that day's service. Rescheduling, cancellation and lockout policy- A 24 hour notice is required for rescheduling and cancellations and A charge of $100 will be issued if these requirements are not met. Cleaning schedules are from 8:00am- 8:00pm, Monday - Sunday. Severe weather conditions can sometimes make it difficult for The Broomers Cleaning Service's staff to make the scheduled time and date. Therefor, we will make every effort to reschedule service as close to the date that was initially scheduled. Payments are to be made online, by invoice or e-transfer prior to cleanings or upon arrival of our team.


Prepare your home to be cleaned by putting items in its appropriate place before the arrival of the cleaning technician. An extra charge of $55 may be issued if technicians require more time to clean if your home is not in a ready-to-clean state. Maximum cleaning time is 8 hours/ day. If cleaning is not completed in one day, completion clean will be held at the next available opening the same week with hourly charge. All cleaning supplies and equipment will be provided by The Broomers Cleaning Service. However, if the customer requires our cleaners to use customer provided supplies and equipment for cleaning, all products and equipment must be in good and working condition. The Broomers Cleaning Service. and employees are not responsible for any broken equipment or depleted products. Customers must provide an adequate amount of cleaning products during cleaning periods. Customer agrees not to hold The Broomers Cleaning Service and its employees responsible for broken/ damaged items such as figurines and Chinas. Every effort to not break items will be made. Replacement of identical items is not guaranteed but will be attempted with our general liability protection. Avoidance of cleaning such items is strongly suggested.


Other information from The Broomers Cleaning Service. The Broomers Cleaning Service. and its staff will not be responsible for the care of pets, plants and children. No exceptions. If the customer is dissatisfied with their cleaning service, a report to The Broomers Cleaning Service must be made within 24 hours of cleaning service. Reservice will be attempted as a result. Pictures of a before and after service may be taken for promotion purposes. If you do not wish for pictures of your home to be taken for this purpose then please notify The Broomers Cleaning Service, or it's employees before services. 


Changes to the Terms and Conditions The Broomers Cleaning Service. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The Broomers Cleaning Service. will put notice of any changes by posting the changed or modified Privacy Policy on our Websites. These changes can occur at any time, so you are responsible for reviewing any changes made on our website. Any changes will be effective immediately after posting. A modified/changed terms and conditions date will be posted along with each change.


Feedbacks & Customer review is encouraged during or after service on our socials or email us. This will help us to provide the best quality service to you all future customers.

UpdatedFebruary 10th/2021